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About Us

A Family Italian Restaurant Serving Traditional Italian Cuisine for Generations to Come…

Born in the Mountains of Torino, Italy in 1888 a domestic Italian girl named Columbina Saccagno became destined for a lifetime in culinary arts by endlessly toiling in her family kitchen preparing meals. In 1910, “Bina” and her husband Carlo, sailed from Genoa to New York, landing at Ellis Island and eventually settling in the Bronx.

Bonnie Marisa Bambinelli was born into a family possessing a passion for life and a flair for cooking and enjoying the fruits of their labors. As a child Bonnie spent her days with grandmothers “Bina” and Filomena testing and tasting all day long. Today our secret recipes for our signature sauces, famous lasagna, other pastas and meatballs bear ample testimony for these cherished scenarios.

Joseph Bambinelli shares his mother’s philosophy and lends his expertise as Director of Operations and Owner of Bambinelli’s Lilburn location.